Statistical Insight Featured Spotlight: Result Filters

This is the second post in a three-part series spotlighting Statistical Insight database features. Results that populate in Statistical Insight may be further filtered during the left-hand corner filter box (shown below).

statistical insight5Here, the topic “Firearms” was selected from the Statistics in the News menu bar, yielding over 1,000 results. Results may be broken down by the following:

  • Relevance and Date (most recent or least)
  • Date covered or published
  • Source, including federal, state, and international agencies
  • Countries or Regions, including Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America
  • Local area, by city or county
  • Data break down by age, sex, ethnic group, or income (among others)
  • Subject (which, using Firearms as the example, includes sentences, homicides, accidental deaths, suicides, and infant mortality).

Selecting one filter can also result in additional filter options populating. For example, using the same “Firearms” topic, after narrowing the Country to United States and then Texas, additional subject filters appear (shown below).

statistical insight6Although not exhaustive, the search filter on Statistical Insights is comprehensive.

Access to ProQuest’s Statistical Insight database is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.

Author: Marin Dell

Texas Tech School of Law Library - Librarian, Attorney, Law Library Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, loves all things law, libraries and tech/Tech

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