Bloomberg BNA United States Law Week Featured Spotlight: BNA Insights

Bloomberg BNA United States Law Week Featured Spotlight: BNA Insights

This is the second post in a four part series spotlighting Bloomberg BNA United States Law Week.

BNA Insights is a featured portal on the BNA site that showcases a scholastic view of many important legal issues in civil and constitutional law. The portal consists of brief academic articles written by lawyers in the field of the topic of which they are writing. The portal adds articles at least once a week, although some days there will be multiple posts.


BNA Insights

An example of an article in BNA Insights is an article titled “ADA Equal Access, Company Websites and Attorney’s Fees”, which is written by two employment law attorneys. This article, like the others, analyzes a current legal topic and critiques the issues associated with the topic.  The articles are typically succinct with headings to guide the reader to each sub point and the conclusion. At the bottom of the page, Bloomberg provides related articles and groups those articles by topic, agency, and law firm.


ADA on Insight

Related Article -Insight


The BNA Insights feature is very easy to navigate. Readers can select the article they want by looking for the title or the date. The articles contain pictures and short biographies of all the articles’ authors so that those in the legal profession can easily recognize colleagues.

Access to Bloomberg BNA United States Law Week is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Database tab.

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