BNA U.S. Law Week Featured Spotligtht: Podcasts

BNA U.S. Law Week Featured Spotlight: Podcasts

This is the third post in a four part series spotlighting Bloomberg BNA United States Law Week.

Bloomberg BNA U.S. Law Week features podcasts concerning recent Supreme Court happenings. Some examples of titles are: Supremely Funny, Ruckus Over Raisins, and Friends in High Places.


BNA Podcasts

To access the podcast, the reader must click on the highlighted word at the end of the description. Usually the word is “more”, but sometimes the word is “listen”. After clicking the highlighted, linked word, the reader is lead to a page with the title of the podcast and a brief summary of the content. How long the podcast will last is in parenthesis.  Readers must click “Listen” to access the podcast. A separate page for the podcast will open up on your computer.

Podcast example

Access to Bloomberg B.N.A. U.S. Law Week database is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Database tab.

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