How to Book a Group Study Room

Students and Faculty are now able to book group study rooms! Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to reserve yours!

1. Go to the Law Library’s website:

2. In the search box on the Law Library’s home page, type “group study room”.



A list of the library’s study rooms will appear:


3. Select the room you would like to book from the list by selecting the “Get It” button.



4. Select the “Sign in for more options” button at the top of the box.


5. The OneSearch sign-in box will appear. Select “TTU Students, Faculty, and Staff (eraider)”.

6. Enter your username and password; you will go back to the screen you were on, but will now have the option to Request. Click “Request”

Once you select “Request”, you will get a page where you will fill out the start date/time and end date/time.

Remember, the time is entered on a 24 hour clock. So 1 p.m. would be entered as 13:00. The broom icon is used to clear an entry.

7. Once you enter the dates and times you want, click on the “Request” button.


You will see a highlighted box saying “Request placed”.


You have successfully requested a study room!

If you get an error message, one of the following things may be the problem:

  • The room is booked by someone else for the date/time you requested
  • You already have a room request in the system
  • The booking is for longer than allowed (maximum booking length is 4 hours)

Check these items first and see if they are the problem. If you are not able to reserve your room, please come to the Research & Information desk for help!


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