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Towards the bottom of the home page of Banking Report a Table of Contents can be found. This allows the researcher to do a search of a particular area or case within the Banking Law field. The “Table of Contents” is divided into “LEADING THE NEWS”, “NEWS”, “FINTECH”, “LEGAL NEWS”, “INTERNATIONAL NEWS”, “BNA INSIGHTS”, and “TABLE OF CASES.”














Another option when researching is do a broad search of the Banking Report database under “FINDING TOOLS.”



After clicking on “FINDING TOOLS” from the home page of the Banking Report, the finding Tools page appears as depicted below which allows the researcher if they would like to search through the Index or to look for “Reported Cases” either alphabetically or by recently reported cases.

banking 12.PNG

Under “Browse Indexes” an alphabetical list appears to that the researcher may search by acts, areas of law, and by state. Below the red arrows point to the various options that appear with in the Banking Report Index.

banking 13.PNG

If a person wanted to keep tabs on the “Affordable Care Act” by clicking on the tab the researcher is able to populate a link to an article explaining the possibility for the change and when that change might occur, in addition to how the change can affect banking laws.banking-14

For example, under 114th Congress 104 BBR 63, there is an article about a statement made by  House of Representative’s member Steve Chabot on the affects of the Affordable Care Act and how he believes it has placed barriers on small businesses.



Access to Bloomberg/BNA Banking Report database is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.




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