New Collection Available on HeinOnline!


A new collection, Brennan Center for Justice Publications from NYU School of Law, is now available in HeinOnline. This collection includes more than 210 titles and 11,000 pages of material that is available through the Law School Library’s subscription.

The Brennan Center’s law and policy collection is largely written by attorneys and covers a variety of topics. The Center’s publications are nonpartisan; most works are stand-alone journal-length articles. Once a year, the Center publishes a book-length volume, Democracy and Justice: Collected Writings, which compiles excerpts from the year’s shorter scholarship and includes new material for that publication.

The Center’s collection undergoes rigorous review by other scholars and legal practitioners who are experts in the report’s field. In that way, the Brennan Center’s Scholarship is more scholarly than traditionally edited student law reviews.

Check out the collection here!

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