Easy New Way to Locate Government Documents

The U.S. Publishing Office has a new way to locate government documents. They have created the “Catalog of U.S. Government Publications” or CGP for short.  While the name may not be exciting, the search engine is pretty neat.

This search engine will let the user search for a government publication by name, author, subject, keyword, or government document number.  Use this search engine to locate a government document published anytime from the 1800’s to present day.


Once you find a document, the record will let you know where the document is located.  If there is a link to the electronic copy, you can access the document immediately.


If the document is only available in paper or you need to see a paper copy, you can search to see where the closest Federal Depository Library is that owns the document. Once you know where the document is located you can go and view the document.


This is a great site for anyone who needs to locate a government document.  Many of the documents published today have electronic versions so these items are just a click away!

Just in case you didn’t realize, Texas Tech University is a regional depository library, which means they own everything!  Well….they own an extensive collection of government documents.  This is great news, since it’s highly likely that any government document you are looking for will be available online, in the Law Library, or at the Main University Library.

Good luck hunting for government documents!  Remember, if you need help finding a document you can always contact a Law Librarian for help.


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