Animal Law Resource Center


According to their website, The Animal Law Resource Center  ( provides information and access to legislation and legal matters dealing with animals, including animal cruelty and control, laboratory welfare, as well as wildlife.  The site is the creation of the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS), a not-for-profit group devoted to promoting science while not harming animals.  The website is updated and maintained largely due to the students from various Chicago area law schools, such as Chicago Kent, DePaul, John Marshall, Loyola, and Northwestern.



The site provides access to various different types of information, and allows you to search in various different ways.  These include jurisdiction and subject as well as others.



Another handy feature is the Model Laws section, which provides sample text for various animal related legislation that can be adapted to your jurisdiction.


There is also a section for those wishing to do literature research on the area of animal law.  Various books and law reviews are listed for ease of access and use.


Miscellaneous features of the website are also helpful.  There is an FAQ section to help answer questions.  There is also a section that provides information on how you can Take Action.  Please also note their disclaimer: “Please note that the Animal Law Resource Center does NOT provide legal advice or referrals and is not responsible for the timeliness or accuracy of information on third-party websites.”

 For further information, the Animal Law Resource Center can be contacted at:

Animal Law Resource Center
National Anti-Vivisection Society
53 W Jackson Blvd., Suite 1552
Chicago, IL 60604
800.888.NAVS (6287) or 312.427.6065
A project of the International Institute for Animal Law



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