How to Reduce Stress in Three Minutes


We realize that the typical law student will experience stressful situations during his or her law school career. To that end, we previously have posted information on stress reduction resources available in the Law Library and useful stress reduction advice. Both of these pieces lightly touch on some key aspects of mindfulness. What exactly is mindfulness? Mindfulness can be defined as being in a state of hyper-consciousness fully focused on the present moment. No time for past, present or future judgments here. The many benefits of mindfulness are scientifically proven. If willing, anyone can participate in various mindfulness techniques and practices. No special skills are required. One method that I have found helpful is the 3-minute breathing space (3MBS) technique. I like it because it takes only 3 minutes!

  1. Minute One. Relax and let your thoughts go wild. Again, no judgments just experience the wide kaleidoscope of thoughts flowing and out.
  2. Minute Two. Next, narrow the focus of your thoughts. Focus on your breathing. Unlike minute one, your thoughts here are very fixated.
  3. Minute Three. Finally, focus on the sensations of the body. These can be in one particular area or various areas of the body.

Do you have 3-minutes to spare? Try the 3MBS technique next time you are faced with a stressful situation and pressed for time. Who is not these days?

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