Black History Month Display

In honor of Black History Month, the Law Library has featured a display of prominent black attorneys and judges in the United States. The display will be up in the Collaborative Commons through the month of February. Take a moment to stop by and peruse the posters and biographies of people who helped pave the way for equality and racial freedoms in the United States.

display-picture-2The display includes prominent figures such as:

  1. Thurgood Marshall – The first African-American justice of the Supreme Court
  1. Fred Gray – Attorney who defended both Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks
  1. Constance Baker Motley – The first female African-American federal judge in 1966
  1. George Washington Williams – A pastor, attorney, legislator, and the first African-American to serve in the Ohio House of Representatives
  1. Wade H. McCree – The first African American appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and the second African-American Solicitor General in the history of the United States
  1. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. – The youngest and first African American to ever serve on a federal regulatory commission—the Federal Trade Commission.
  1. Charles Hamilton Houston – Dean of the Howard University School of Law where he had direct influence on nearly one-quarter of all the black lawyers in the United States—including former student Thurgood Marshall
  1. Charlotte E. Ray – The first Black American female lawyer in the United States
  1. Eleanor Holmes Norton – Lawyer who specialized in freedom of speech cases, and represented women’s rights to be reporters at Newsweek in 1970.
  1. Donald L. Hollowell – A civil rights champion who helped defended Dr. King and hundreds of civil rights activists in the historic civil rights campaign in Georgia

display-picture-4      display-picture-3

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