World Climate Change Report: BNA Insights

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On the home page of World Climate Change Report you will find a section on the right side of the screen titled BNA Insights.


By clicking on “All BNA Insights” the link will take you to a page that gives background information about the authors of the articles that are presented in the World Climate Change Report.



This feature allows for the writers to put their profile and a picture of themselves for the reader to get to know the writers background in the field of climate change and how the article came to be in existence. The page also allows you to look for an article by date and title. If you click on an article it will take you to the full profile of the writer(s).



For example, the page captured above includes the article name, the name of the writer, a profile of the writers area of practice and the writer is able to talk more in depth on the background of the particular article. This is a great starting place when first starting research in a particular area that you may not be familiar with.


bna-insight-4At the bottom of the writer’s profile you can find “Related Articles” tab. This tab can help direct your research in a particular area of the law relating to the article selected. For this particular article on “EPA Resolves Scope of Federal Oil & Gas Air Permitting Authority As It Braces for Battle Over Greenhouse Gas Regulation” the website recommended specific Topics:”climate change mitigation”, “environmental permitting”, and “existing sources (air pollution).” Additionally, it recommended “Agencies” and “Countries” to the related article search.

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