World Climate Change Report: Interviews

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On the homepage of World Climate Change Report there is a “Key Features” tab that includes “Special Reports” and “Interviews.”


If you click on “Interviews” it will direct you to a list of transcripts of interviews from the most recent by date. The interviews will have a general topic indicator as well as a title specifically describing the interview. For example, Sustainability: Businesses Waiting to See Green Bonds Value: Moody’s Shilling.


After selecting an interview it will direct you to a transcript of the interview with the questions asked by the reporter and the response of the individual being interviewed.


As demonstrated above, the individual being interviewed is the senior vice president of environmental, social and governance for Moody’s Shillings. Notice the transcript is broken down by question of Bloormberg and the answer of Mr. Shilling.

Author: Marin Dell

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