American Indian Law Collection – Tribal Legal Sources

Part Four of a Four part series.

HeinOnline also provides a comprehensive collection of Tribal Constitutions, Acts, and Bylaws.


Many tribal constitutions can be found both in English and in the Tribes native language. For example, the Constitution of the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma:



There are also legislative sources that are helpful to understanding the law in Indian Country and tribal made laws. For example, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA), Acts relating to school systems, and the Acts of 1884-86 written in Cherokee.




One of the most important inquires when adequately researching is what laws and acts the Tribes themselves have adopted. With this final tool, HeinOnline provides a well-rounded approach to American Indian Law legal research.

Access to HeinOnline: American Indian Law Collection database is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.


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