Part Four TexasBarCLE: Practice Tools

This is the fourth part of a four part series highlighting:

This post showcases the remaining practice tools that the TexasBarCLE website has to offer.

First, TexasBarCLE offers access to Casemaker & Fastcase with your bar membership. Access to both of these databases can be found on the left side of the homepage.

Upon selecting either database you will be prompted to login with your registered account. You can register using your Last Name and your Texas Bar Card Number. If you don’t have a current Texas Bar card number, you can still create an account at no cost, but your services may be limited.


TexasBarCLE also provides access to the Law Practice Management Program of the State Bar of Texas. This is a useful tool for solo practitioners or small firms who need help starting and managing their practice.


Additionally, TexasBarCLE has a tab for Texas Supreme Court Oral Arguments & Meetings. This practice tool allows you to watch the Texas Supreme Court while it is in session through live or archived videos. You can search recent oral arguments, meetings, and upcoming events.


Lastly, TexasBarCLE connects you with TYLA’s Ten Minute Mentor resource. TMM is a collection of online video presentations from lawyers in their areas of expertise. Each video is around ten minutes or less and is free.

TXCLE13 is a great resource for law students and attorneys of all ages. Make sure to take advantage of all the tools your state bar provides and consider the variety of available formats when completing your MCLE credit hours.

TexasBarCLE is available through the State Bar of Texas website and at

Author: Marin Dell

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