Two Recent HeinOnline Additions

HeinOnline recently added additional documents to its already wide-ranging American Indian Law database, as well as released a new collection entitled Women and the Law.

1. American Indian Law CollectionImage 1

The additional 30,000 pages added to the American Indian Law Collection largely pertain to tribal codes including:

  1. Indian Tribal Codes: 1981 edition, which contains 69 tribal codes and analysis; and
  2. Indian Tribal Codes: 1981 edition that contains 56 additional codes and constitutions. The publisher notes that, “[t]his edition updates, but does not replace the 1981 edition.”

The publisher notes, “[T]he two editions offer insight into the historical development of Indian tribal codes over time.”

With these two recent additions, the American Indian Law collection now contains over 1,800 titles and 1.8 million pages of related material.

2.  Women and the Law (Peggy) CollectionImage 2

This new collection unites books, bibliographies, periodicals, and other materials related to women and the law in one place. According to the publisher, “[n]otable works included in this library are History of Woman Suffrage (1881-1922), the complete Feminism and Legal Theory Project, and the Documentary History of the Legal Aspects of Abortion series.”

The collection benefits from nearly 500,000 pages of contemporary and historical works related to women’s role in society and the law.

To access either of these collections, navigate to the Law Library homepage and select Hein Online as illustrated below.

Image 3





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