Bloomberg Law: Litigation Analytics – Search by (Represented) Company

This is the second of a four part series spotlighting Bloomberg Analytics.

Today we will search Nike Inc.

BLA - 4

Initially, it will provide a breakdown of the law firms that represent Nike Inc., then the case types, the litigation history, and the jurisdictions in which Nike Inc. appeared.

Let’s say you work in trademark litigation and want to know what firms also represent Nike Inc. You would click on the yellow pie piece of the chart above, and 64 appearances sorted by firm will show up in another chart.

BLA -5

Further, let’s say you litigate primarily in the Ninth Circuit. Above the law firms chart is a tab to select jurisdiction. From there, you can narrow by district courts and circuit courts. After selecting Ninth Circuit courts, a new chart generates.

BLA -6

You can now click on any one of these firms and find out when and where they represented Nike Inc. (see below). It also directly provides you access to those case dockets.

BLA -7

Another helpful tool that can be utilized in Litigation Analytics is Company Info in the top right corner.

BLA - 8

The first company info option provides brief background information about the company and its latest news. The second option discusses the structure of the company.

For example, here are both features for Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, LLC.

BLA -9

Access to the Bloomberg Law database is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.


Author: Marin Dell

Texas Tech School of Law Library - Librarian, Attorney, Law Library Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, loves all things law, libraries and tech/Tech

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