GovSearch: Military Facilities

This is the fourth in a four part series blog post spotlighting Carroll Publishing’s GovSearch Suite.

On the GovSearch home page, you can look up information regarding military facilities. Under the People & Offices tab located at the top of the home page, you can select Military Facilities and further select Bases/Facilities, Offices, or Positions.

Below is a view of the home page. The green boxes indicate where the Military Facilities options can be located.

Military Facilities from homepage

After choosing Base/Facilities, you can narrow your search by Service and State.

Below is a view of the military facility search tool. The results from your Military Facility search will be organized by multiple columns including Office Name, In Office, Within, Headquarters, Location, and County.


To find offices at military facilities, you can select Offices under the Military Services option of the People & Offices tab. Under the military offices search, you can narrow your search by entering an Office Name, a Base Name, and Additional Qualifiers that include Service area and State.

Below is a view of the military office search tool.

military office search

If you prefer to search by military position, this option can be located on the home page under the Military Facilities option of the People & Offices tab. After selecting the Positions option, you can narrow your military positions search by Position Title, Office, Base Name, Service, and State.

Below is a view of the search options available under the military positions search.

military positions

Access to Carroll Publishing’s database is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.


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