Privacy and Security Law Report: Access to information in one of today’s hottest legal areas

This is the first of a four-part series spotlighting: Privacy and Security Law Report

The Privacy and Security Law Report is a database that provides access to multiple resources relating to current legal issues affecting the privacy and security fields. This database includes the latest weekly updates regarding emerging developments in the areas of data protection, employee privacy, financial privacy, healthcare privacy, and many others.

pslr screenshot

Complete articles can be accessed by clicking on any of the links under the subtopics listed in the middle of the page, such as “Data Protection,” “Cybersecurity,” or “Big Data.” Users can also find litigation, state, and international news further down the page.

pslr articlelink

There is a “Related Articles” list at the bottom of the page allowing users to access more relevant information on the particular subject matter and authors, including topics, countries, and law firms.

pslr related articles

There is also a “Hot Topics” section on the left side of the homepage allowing users quick access to a collection of information that directly relates to the topic and, once clicked, the option to print off the particular selection list.

pslr hot topics homepage

pslr selection list

Additionally, users will find the “Bloomberg Law Insights” section on the right side of the homepage which provides them with instant access to relevant industry legal analysis on various related topics.

pslr bloomberglawinsightslink

Interested in the Privacy and Security Law Report? Access can be found on the Texas Tech Law Library website, under the “Electronic Database” tab.

Author: Marin Dell

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