HeinOnline – Research Tips and Tricks

If you’ve forgotten, HeinOnline is a database which includes many types of legal information including, the Law Journal Library, the U.S. Code, U.S. Statutes at Large, English Reports, and many more.  HeinOnline is an essential piece of your legal research toolkit.  Here are some ways to keep up with what’s new at HeinOnline.

An easy way to find out what’s new in the HeinOnline collection is to subscribe to the HeinOnline Blog (click to see what the blog is like).  The blog provides tips and tricks for better research; covers new databases, content, and tools; and takes current events and relates them to the wealth of material available in HeinOnline.  To subscribe go to; forms.feedblitz.com/7b8,  fill out the quick form (name and email address), then click on “Subscribe.”

hein blog current

In case you have any questions while using HeinOnline, remember, you can call, email holsupport@wshein.com, or visit help.heinonline.org for FAQs, training videos, and more.

hein help 2

MyHein is available to anyone using HeinOnline.  You create an account which allows you to bookmark articles and other documents, create and save search queries, and set up eTOC alerts for any serial publication.  To access go to HeinOnline through the library’s homepage and click on the link to HeinOnline under “Research and Reference.”  Once at HeinOnline, click the down arrow next to “MyHein” to get started.

myhein 2


Another feature of HeinOnline is their Dropbox integration.  You can download pdfs from HeinOnline directly into your Dropbox account from your search results.

hein dropbox

HeinOnline has introduced a new search tool called, “More Like This.”  The new tool reads article text to determine “interesting words” and then looks for similar articles using these words.  If you want to find out more about the new search tool just click on this link for More Like This.  HeinOnline also has a “Searching 101 Quick Reference Guide” to help users search the system more effectively.

These are just some of the features and help available to you from HeinOnline.  Take advantage of these tools to help improve and expand your research.



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