ELR Program FAQs and Info


When are ELR classes being offered this summer?

  • Monday, May 14th, 1:00-3:00pm: Developing a Research Strategy
  • Tuesday, June 5th, 2:40-4:40pm: Federal Statutory Research
  • Thursday, July 26th, 2:40-4:40pm: Texas Legislative History

All classes are scheduled around the summer school schedule so they do not conflict with TTU Law summer courses.

Why participate in ELR?

  • Numerous studies have shown that you’ll spend at least 35% of your time conducting legal research.
  • Unfortunately, studies also show that those hiring novice attorneys are not satisfied with their new hires’ research skills. Don’t let that be you!
  • You can put it on your resume.
  • Cognitive theory says that if you don’t keep practicing your skills, you’ll lose them. After LP, there’s no more required research instruction—so if you don’t seek out other ways to practice, your research skills will diminish.

If I’m currently a 2L, can I still finish the program if I haven’t started yet?

  • ELR requires 20 hours of instruction, and we offer at least 16 hours a semester, so you can absolutely finish the program in one academic year. We work individually with students to help get them through the program every year.

What do other students say about the program?

  • “My favorite part of the ELR program is the immediate effect: after only a couple hours of instruction, you learn beneficial research skills which apply to Legal Practice assignments, summer internships, and other research projects. These skills help save you a lot of time . . . .”
  • “I joined the ELR program for two reasons. First, having worked in the legal field prior to law school, I saw first-hand the amount of research young attorneys perform, how short of time partners are, and how difficult some sources are to use . . . . [T]he best part is the fact that we learn a particular topic and then actually apply it with an exercise.”
  • “I impressed by summer employer with my ability to find answers to issues quickly and efficiently.”
  • “ELR classes have definitely helped me be more efficient at school and at work.”
  • “I know for a fact that I could not have found some of the sources that I have without the tools I learned from ELR.”

How do I sign up for classes?

Registration for summer classes is now open. Sign up for sessions via Blackboard using these instructions.  Note: to sign up, you must first be registered for the ELR Program.  Email Professor Drake to register.

Author: Alyson Drake

Alyson Drake is the Assistant Director for Public Services and the Director of the Excellence in Legal Research Program at Texas Tech University Law School, where she also teaches courses in Texas Legal Research, and Foreign, Comparative, and International Legal Research and administers the Legal Practice Program's research workshops. She blogs at www.legalresearchpedagogy.com.

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