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This is the second in a four part series blog post spotlighting the LexisNexis’ Law360.

Law 360 has a very sophisticated search function that allows visitors to search for a large variety of content. The top of the home page shows the search bar and gives examples of what a visitor might search for. If you wanted to quickly narrow the search by topic or other terms, the advanced search button is to the right of the search bar. The view from the home page is pictured below.

1. Law 360 Home page for advanced search

In the advanced search page, there is a list of different types of content that you can narrow you searches by. The red boxes below indict the broad categories that you can choose to narrow down your search. These categories include news and expert analysis, cases, companies, firms, and more. Each category can be selected and their individual search pages will appear. The green boxes below indicate the many subcategories available in each category to make a search more specific.

 2. Law 360 Advanced Search pageBelow is a view of the screen that appears on the Law 360 advanced search function when the advanced options button below the search bar is pressed. The advanced options button reveals the easiest way to use traditional terms and connectors (such as in Westlaw Next and LexisNexis Advanced). After entering search words into one or more of the many advanced options, Law 360 automatically applies the correct terms and connectors to the search, making searching Law 360 simple to understand.

 3. Law 360 Terms and Connectors

Below here is a picture of a search with the advanced options button. As you can see, it automatically adds in the terms and connectors.

3.5 terms and connectors exampleBelow is an example of clicking one of the main categories on the left of the screen. As the picture shows, each category has their own list of sub categories that might apply to that type of search. Clicking the subcategories opens a list of topics within the subcategory, further simplifying searches for specific types of material.

4. Law 360 Other searchesAccess to the Law360 database is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.



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