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This is the fourth in a four part series blog post spotlighting the LexisNexis’ Law360.

One of Law 360’s most interesting features is the Ranking System. Law 360 chooses various different categories and ranks lawyers, law firms, corporations, and many more based on different criteria. Below is an image of the Law 360 home page and were to find the rankings there. First, you have to select the three lines at the top left of the screen to open the navigation bar. Then, you have to scroll down to the middle of the navigation bar to see the ranking category list.

 1. Law 360 Home Page Rankings

The ranking category list is shown in full below. As stated earlier, the ranking types are varied. Many focus on groups who exemplify certain standards in the legal community, such as the Pro Bono Firms of the Years and the Practice Group Partner Rankings. Other rank lists focus on the individuals in the legal community who are doing amazing things on their own, such as the Rising Stars List and the Trial Aces list. Even other lists focus on marginalized groups and showcase firms that are the best at being inclusive. Those lists are the Glass Ceiling Report, which focuses on women in the legal community, and the Diversity Snapshot, which focuses on minorities and other marginalized groups.

 2. Law 360 List

Below is a view of the home page of one of the rankings list. This list is the Regional Powerhouses List. This list is mostly about the big time law firms who handle the biggest cases. They are often large law firms who make a lot of money for their clients or have biggest effect on legislation directly.

 3. Law 360 Powerhouses

As stated above, some of the rankings focus on marginalized groups and inclusivity. One of those rankings is the Glass Ceiling Report, the home page of which is pictured below. This list provides a listing of law firms that are especially good places for female attorneys and the firms who are doing the best at providing equal opportunities for females in the legal community.

 4. Law 360 Glass Ceiling

These are only a few of the lists that Law 360 provides as general information for visitors. These lists could help someone find jobs in particular fields or because of particular attributes, allow visitors to decide what law firm might be good for a certain case, or for just general information. It is a very interesting and useful feature of Law 360.

Access to the Law360 database is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.



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