Faces of the Library: Briana Moody

Staff Spotlight- Briana

This week’s library staff spotlight is Briana Moody. Briana is a delight to have in the library. You can always catch her serenading students at the circulation desk! Please check out her profile:

What are some of the tasks you do for the TTU Law Library?

I have a range of duties, from checking in government documents to manning the circulation desk. One of my other favorite tasks in working in conjunction with Interlibrary Loan; receiving books from all over the country to help students get the resources they need.

What is your favorite thing about working at the TTU Law  Library?

The staff. We have one of the most supportive group of staff and faculty on the entire TTU campus! Each of us have different personalities and styles so that we can help any student that comes to the library.

What is one thing about the law library that current and  prospective students should know?

We’re here to help! Even if it’s just to chat and help you unwind. Take the time to get to know all of us at the circulation desk, we will make sure you have the resources and support you need.

What is your favorite restaurant in Lubbock?

I could go to Seoul Korean BBQ twice a week, every week for the rest of my life and die happy! Nothing is as good as their spicy bulgogi!

What hobbies or activities do you like to do outside the law  library?

I am a performer around Lubbock. I have been involved in musicals, Flatlands Dance Company, princesses/mermaid parties, and even Marilyn Monroe impersonations! Whenever I take vacations, I always try to sneak Disney into it (and it drives my husband nuts)!


Author: Alyson Drake

Alyson Drake is the Assistant Director for Public Services and the Director of the Excellence in Legal Research Program at Texas Tech University Law School, where she also teaches courses in Texas Legal Research, and Foreign, Comparative, and International Legal Research and administers the Legal Practice Program's research workshops. She blogs at www.legalresearchpedagogy.com.

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