Working From Home

Working or studying from home can be a challenge when you are accustomed to going to the University on weekdays. Below are some tips on how to make your workday as productive as possible.

  • Plan for the day-According to Google’s productivity expert, having a plan for the day is essential. She suggests drafting a flexible schedule the night before with critical tasks that you want to complete the next day. The plan helps to ensure you are getting work done.  
  • Seek out quiet spaces-People with a partner, roommates, or kids will need to find a quiet place to work. Consider setting up your work area in a room with a door or in a low traffic area of the house. The quiet works space will prevent unexpected noise during study/work times and conference calls. Try to create a study environment that is distraction-free (or as free from distraction as possible). Attics, basements, and guest bedrooms are all great options.
  • Take care of yourself-Try out some home workouts. Get a good night’s sleep, and for goodness sake, wash your hands!

Visit our remote services guide for more suggestions.

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