Journal of Biosecurity, Biosafety, and Biodefense Law

The Journal of Biosecurity, Biosafety and Biodefense Law (JBBBL) offers both a legal and scientific perspective on current issues concerning bioterrorism, public health and safety, and national security. Edited by an international board of leading scholars from all the continents, our journal is aware that bioterrorism related issues are global problems. Our goal is to develop a unique international community of legal scholars, scientists and policy experts who will address current issues in these fields.

Texas Tech University Law School users can access this electronic journal on-campus and off-campus by using their e-raider username and password to login. Users can find this e-journal in Law Library Electronic Resources List.

  1. Users can find the latest issue and previous issues of this journal.
  1. Then users can select an issue. The unlock icon means a user has access to this issue.
  1. Users can either view an article online by click the article’s title, or download PDF and save it in a local drive. The unlock icon means a user has access to this article.
  1. Users can also search keywords within an issue or in the whole journal.

If you have access issue to this journal, please email

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