January 2023 New Books

In January 2023, the Law Library added the following new titles to the collection to support the research and curricular needs of our faculty and students.


1. Elizabeth Kelley, ed., Representing People with Dementia:  A Practical Guide for Criminal Defense Lawyers (2022).


2. Margaret “Pegi” S. Price, The Special Needs Child and Divorce:  A Practical Guide to Handling and Evaluating Cases (2022).


3. W. Stanford Smith and Alan S. Gutterman, ed., Guide to Privacy (2022).

4. Sarah Lamdan, Data Cartels:  The Companies that Control and Monopolize Our Information (2023).


5. E. Scott Fruehwald, Critical Thinking:  An Essential Skill for Law Students, Lawyers, Law Professors, and Judges (2022).

6. Dennis J. Tonsing, 1000 Days to the Bar, But the Practice of Law Begins Now (2022).


7. Lawrence E. Ballard and Carole Symonds, Law Firm Accounting and Financial Management (2021).

8. Marcia Watson Wasserman and Cynthia Thomas, Law Office Policies, Procedures, and Operations Manual (2022).


9. Mike F. Pipkin, Marilyn Klinger, George J. Bachrach, and Tracey L. Haley, eds., The Surety’s Indemnity Agreement:  Law and Practice (2023).

All of these books are available from the Law Library.  If you would like to check out any of these titles, please contact the circulation desk at either 806-742-3957 or circulation.law@ttu.edu.  Library staff will be able to assist in locating and checking out any of these items.

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