Faces of the Library: Diana Vargas

1. What tasks do you do for the TTU Law Library?I do a variety of tasks for the Law Library! As of recent, I have been processing books and legal resources for the library’s collection. This includes cataloguing incoming items, as well as withdrawing old and outdated items. Additionally, I assist with the Circulation Desk of the TTU Law Library, which is the direct link between the library staff and students. This has been especially nice, as it has given me an insight into how we enrich the school experience for our fellow law students.

2. What is your favorite thing about working at the TTU Law Library?
I would say the people! The faculty and staff of the TTU Law Library and the Law Program have been the most welcome people to work with and they have been excellent about teaching me about the inner workings of the Law Library.

3. What is one thing about the law library that current and prospective students should know?
You have many resources available to you as a student, so don’t be afraid to ask anything! Whether it is study aids, private study rooms or access to the TTU Raider Pantry, there’s a plethora of stuff for students to use.

4. What is your favorite place to eat in Lubbock?
As of present, it is Thai Pepper! Regardless of the wait, the food has never disappointed me!

5. What hobbies or activities do you like to do outside the law library?
If I’m not at the Law Library, I’ll usually be chilling at home and binging my favorite shows! Otherwise, I also love traveling around and checking out the local state parks!

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