Animal Law Resource Center


According to their website, The Animal Law Resource Center  ( provides information and access to legislation and legal matters dealing with animals, including animal cruelty and control, laboratory welfare, as well as wildlife.  The site is the creation of the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS), a not-for-profit group devoted to promoting science while not harming animals.  The website is updated and maintained largely due to the students from various Chicago area law schools, such as Chicago Kent, DePaul, John Marshall, Loyola, and Northwestern.



The site provides access to various different types of information, and allows you to search in various different ways.  These include jurisdiction and subject as well as others.



Another handy feature is the Model Laws section, which provides sample text for various animal related legislation that can be adapted to your jurisdiction.


There is also a section for those wishing to do literature research on the area of animal law.  Various books and law reviews are listed for ease of access and use.


Miscellaneous features of the website are also helpful.  There is an FAQ section to help answer questions.  There is also a section that provides information on how you can Take Action.  Please also note their disclaimer: “Please note that the Animal Law Resource Center does NOT provide legal advice or referrals and is not responsible for the timeliness or accuracy of information on third-party websites.”

 For further information, the Animal Law Resource Center can be contacted at:

Animal Law Resource Center
National Anti-Vivisection Society
53 W Jackson Blvd., Suite 1552
Chicago, IL 60604
800.888.NAVS (6287) or 312.427.6065
A project of the International Institute for Animal Law



Subject Compilations of State Laws Now Available in HeinOnline 

According to the W.S. Hein website, this HeinOnline library “features a database giving you access to bibliographic records from Cheryl Nyberg’s Subject Compilations Bibliography Series. Many records contain extensive annotations with links directly to articles and other documents residing in HeinOnline. In addition to a searchable database, HeinOnline also includes the exact replicas of the original bound volumes.”


You are able to browse the materials in two different ways.  You can browse the list of subjects that are contained in the database and you are able to browse the actual volumes that have been published since the first volume was published in 1981.


Browse by subject:


Browse by volume:


If browsing isn’t your preferred method, then you can also make use of the various searching methods provided such as Keyword, Title, Subject and even Cases or Court.


Sample results from a keyword search for “water law.”  If available, the results will directly link you to publications that are available within the HeinOnline collection of libraries.


For further information or assistance with using this resource, please visit the Quick Reference Guide or contact one of the librarians here in the Law Library.

New Law Library Catalog

The Law Library has spent the past few months working on transitioning to a new Library Catalog platform.  We are now sharing a database with the other campus libraries, which will allow you to not only search just our law library collection but if necessary you will be able to search the University Library collection, the Southwest Collection, etc.

Law Lib Cat1

When you visit the Law Library homepage you will see the search box immediately at the top of the page.  Performing a search from this screen will provide you with search results that are located here at the Law School.  Once you have entered the search results screens you will notice other options at the top.  These options include searching the Library Catalog (University Library holdings) or the Everything tab (which will search all campus libraries, including the Law Library).

Law Lib Cat2

If you wish to search the holdings of other campus library collections, other than the University Library or the Law Library, you can do so by choosing the Library Catalog tab and then clicking the drop down list to the left of the Search button.  You will see a list of all of the different campus libraries/collections that you can choose from.

Law Lib Cat3

You are also able to see/manage your library checkouts, fines, etc. from the My Account/Sign In links in the upper right part of the screen.

Law Lib Cat4

Click on the Sign In link and you will be taken to a screen where you will select the TTU Students, Faculty and Staff (eRaider) option.

Law Lib Cat5

Once you have successfully entered your eRaider login information you will see your personal information in the upper right portion of the library catalog screen.

Law Lib Cat6

By clicking the My Account link you will then be able to see everything that you have checked out from any library on campus, not just the Law Library.  You will also be able to see Requests, Fines & Fees, etc.

Law Lib Cat7

To help Law School faculty, staff and students learn to use the new system, Law Librarians will offer instruction throughout academic year 2016-2017.

If you have any questions about the new catalog please contact Sue Kelleher at 806-834-2615 or email

Death Penalty Worldwide


The database was created in April 2011 by Professor Sandra Babcock, Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the International Human Rights Clinic at Cornell University Law School, in partnership with the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty, this resource attempts to fill the research and advocacy gaps that exist with regards to the death penalty.  Its intended audience includes judges, policymakers, scholars, lawyers, journalists, and human rights advocates.


According to the website’s FAQ (, the database provides data such as:

  • General country information
  • Basic death penalty information
  • List of crimes punishable by the death penalty
  • Information about death penalty conditions, such as prison conditions, quality of legal representation, etc.
  • Information from international human rights organizations

DPW will NOT include certain information:

  • Descriptions of individual cases
  • A news feed on death penalty topics



You can also find links to other international legal issues in this resource.  Some of these include information on extraditions to retentionist countries, how mental illness is dealt with, as well as information on juvenile offenders and women.


The Resources section will provide even further information, such as a bibliography, news resources, international legal research guidelines, and links to death penalty organizations to name a few.

There are other resources also available on the site, such as an FAQ and even a Blog that you can subscribe to.  If you would like more information about this database, please contact:

Death Penalty Worldwide                                                      

Sandra Babcock
Clinical Professor of Law
Director, International Human Rights Clinic
Cornell University Law School

Delphine Lourtau
Research Director, Death Penalty Worldwide

New Inter-Library Loan System

The Texas Tech Law School Library and the University Library are consolidating our inter-library loan/document delivery services.  Beginning now, all law faculty, staff, and students are now required to use the University ILL/Document Delivery Service (  All users will initially need to set up their accounts using their eRaider, to be able to use the ILL services (see instructions below).


You can find links to the new system in a couple of different places.


After clicking on the Sign In button, you will be directed to sign in with your eRaider.


Faculty Instructions

  1. To register for the first time, you will be asked to fill out a profile.
  • Select the correct STATUS for your position (TTU Faculty).
  • Make sure that LAW SCHOOL is chosen as your Department.
  • For the Department Delivered To, TYPE THE LAW LIBRARY:



Graduate Students/Staff Instructions

  1. To register for the first time, you will be asked to fill out a profile.
  • Select the correct STATUS for your position (TTU Grad Student or TTU Staff).
  • Make sure that LAW SCHOOL is chosen as your Department.
  • For the Pick Up Location, CHOOSE THE LAW LIBRARY:



  1. Once logged in, you will need to choose what type of request you want to make:


  1. Make sure that you fill out the required fields (marked with RED asterisks).



  1. After making a request, you will be able to monitor and manage your various requests in this same location:


Pickups and returns will be handled by the Law Library, but renewals and other administrative matters will need to go through the University Library.

Contact Information:

Texas Tech University Library
Room 130, Ground Floor

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 8a.m.-7p.m.