Faces of the Library: Amanda Kitten

Amanda Spotlight

We hope you enjoy our new series: “Faces of the Library.” Throughout the year, we will spotlight one library staff member each week. Our first profile feature Amanda Kitten, our Administrative Office Assistant. Amanda started with us just over a year ago and we are so happy to have her as a part of the team! Please check out her profile and get to know our staff:

What are some of the tasks you do for the TTU Law Library?

I oversee the libraries budget, assist at the Circulation desk, and help plan and implement library events such as Trivia Night during National Library Week.

What is your favorite thing about working at the TTU Law Library?

The camaraderie because everyone is friendly and so supportive of each other and of students.

What is one thing about the law library that current and prospective students should know?

The Circulation desk has a ton of amenities that can help you out.  Pain relievers, feminine supplies, cough drops, antacids, pencils, ear plugs, and a slew of study aids amongst other things.

What is your favorite restaurant in Lubbock?

Chimy’s…my kryptonite.

What hobbies or activities do you like to do outside the law library?

I am an avid reader, video gamer, and crafter. But most of time is spent with my two dogs Loki (queen of the castle) and Jack (her court jester and shoe enthusiast.)