Library Write-In: Saturday, October 27, 2018

Every fall, Professors Baker and Drake host a write-in in the law library’s Collaborative Commons to help students with their scholarly research and writing endeavors.  This fall, the write-in is being held on Saturday, October 27th from 9:00am to 2:00pm, and Dean Nowlin is scheduled to attend.

At the write-in, we’ll provide breakfast and lunch.  Dean Nowlin, Professor Baker, and Professor Drake will be on hand to help with any part of the research and writing process from paper organization and research help to editing and Bluebooking.  We’re there all day to help with whatever you need, and the collective energy in the room will help you make progress on your papers and/or comments.  Previous years’ attendees have reported that having a day dedicated to writing really helped them focus on their paper and make major strides on their drafts.

To attend, RSVP to Professor Drake at and tell her you’d like to attend.  (As an added bonus, this will help us know how much food to order!)  We hope to see you there.

Please note: you do not have to stay for the entire event.  Pop in and out as you need to, or stay for the whole time.

Circulation & Reference Services at TTU Law Library

Wondering what services the TTU Law Library has for you?  You’ve come to the right place!

Regular Circulation hours are:

  • Sundays:  1:00-10:00pm
  • Mondays-Thursdays:  7:30am-10:00pm
  • Fridays:  7:30am-5:00pm
  • Saturdays:  9:00am-5:00pm

Hours may vary during holidays, summer, and the exam period. You can find up-to-date hours on the library website.


Our Circulation Desk is a one-stop shop for all your study needs (see our huge collection of study aids housed behind the desk), but also for many other items that may come in handy this semester:

  • Pain relievers (aspiring, ibuprofen, acetaminophen)
  • Band aids
  • Antibiotic ointments
  • Pencils
  • Staplers
  • Tape
  • Earplugs
  • Ethernet cables (will need to leave your ID with Circulation)
  • Earbuds and headphones
  • Fax machine (for school-related faxes only)
  • Sewing kit

You can also check out:

  • Power adapters, including for Mac laptops and PC laptops (no iPhone chargers)
  • Calculators
  • A/V equipment (including a projector and sound equipment)
  • Course reserves

You can also come to the Circulation Desk to ask for the On-Call Reference Librarian.  A reference librarian is on call from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.  You can also contact the Reference Department by emailing or calling 806-742-7155.


To stay up-to-date on the library’s many services and programs:

  1. Check out the Electronic Announcement Board outside the library;
  2. Read TechLawAnnounce every day;
  3. Follow us on Twitter:
  4. Follow us on Facebook:

We look forward to working with you this year!  Don’t hesitate to stop by and see us!

Law 360: Ranking System

This is the fourth in a four part series blog post spotlighting the LexisNexis’ Law360.

One of Law 360’s most interesting features is the Ranking System. Law 360 chooses various different categories and ranks lawyers, law firms, corporations, and many more based on different criteria. Below is an image of the Law 360 home page and were to find the rankings there. First, you have to select the three lines at the top left of the screen to open the navigation bar. Then, you have to scroll down to the middle of the navigation bar to see the ranking category list.

 1. Law 360 Home Page Rankings

The ranking category list is shown in full below. As stated earlier, the ranking types are varied. Many focus on groups who exemplify certain standards in the legal community, such as the Pro Bono Firms of the Years and the Practice Group Partner Rankings. Other rank lists focus on the individuals in the legal community who are doing amazing things on their own, such as the Rising Stars List and the Trial Aces list. Even other lists focus on marginalized groups and showcase firms that are the best at being inclusive. Those lists are the Glass Ceiling Report, which focuses on women in the legal community, and the Diversity Snapshot, which focuses on minorities and other marginalized groups.

 2. Law 360 List

Below is a view of the home page of one of the rankings list. This list is the Regional Powerhouses List. This list is mostly about the big time law firms who handle the biggest cases. They are often large law firms who make a lot of money for their clients or have biggest effect on legislation directly.

 3. Law 360 Powerhouses

As stated above, some of the rankings focus on marginalized groups and inclusivity. One of those rankings is the Glass Ceiling Report, the home page of which is pictured below. This list provides a listing of law firms that are especially good places for female attorneys and the firms who are doing the best at providing equal opportunities for females in the legal community.

 4. Law 360 Glass Ceiling

These are only a few of the lists that Law 360 provides as general information for visitors. These lists could help someone find jobs in particular fields or because of particular attributes, allow visitors to decide what law firm might be good for a certain case, or for just general information. It is a very interesting and useful feature of Law 360.

Access to the Law360 database is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.



Law 360: In Depth

This is the third in a four part series blog post spotlighting the LexisNexis’ Law360.

One of Law 360’s most unique features is its In-Depth Analysis of different issues. As mentioned previously, Law 360 employs reporters in 12 major cities; some of these reporters are “Senior” reporters and write articles about different topics within the legal community in very good detail. Below is a view of how to locate the In-Depth articles from the home page. One way is to click the three lines in the top left of the screen and pull up the navigation bar. The In-Depth section is at the top. The other option to find the In-Depth articles is through the small slide show on the right hand of the home page. If the In-Depth picture is not up, you can click the arrows on the slide show and flip to the right picture before clicking on the In-Depth section.

1. Law 360 Home Page to In Depth

Below is a picture of the In-Depth page. This page updates much slower than the Law 360 home page, which is comprised of mostly breaking and newer news. The largest picture at the top is the most current In-Depth article written by a senior reporter. Below that is the slightly older articles that discuss other topics in great detail.

2. Law 360 In Depth Home

Below here is the view of the top of an In-Depth article. Usually, the top will have a picture for the article and then go into their analysis. As stated, these articles are very in depth and detailed. Each takes time, research and analysis to complete. They are a very good source for more specific information than a normal Law 360 article but are much narrower in scope and availability.

3. Law 360 News Analysis Article

At the very bottom of the page, there is a list of older In-Depth articles. These articles are easy to access but are not as current as the ones listed in the main page. However, they are still In-Depth articles, and are the same level of quality as the others and therefore still a great resource on Law 360. Below is a view of that that section looks like.

4. Law 360 Past In Depth

Access to the Law360 database is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.

O’Connor’s Online: Browse & Search

This is the fourth in a four part series spotlighting Jones McClure Publishing’s O’Connor’s Online.

To access O’Connor’s online for free, register at using your Texas Tech University email address.

On the homepage, you can access several different areas of law. The areas of law include Appellate Procedure, Business & Organizations, Causes of Action, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Pretrial & Trial Procedure, Probate & Estates, and Property & Real Estate.

Below is a view of the home page. The green box indicates where you can browse by topic.

browse 2

Additionally, in the top left corner of the home page, you can find information through the search box. This can be useful if you have a specific statute or keyword in mind instead of choosing to browse.

Below is a view of the home page. The green box indicates where the search box is located.


Under a specific topic, you can view Charts, Commentaries, Forms, Statutes, and Rules. On the left side of the screen, you can view your search history to navigate back to things you have previously searched.

Below is a view of the different items under a specific topic.

specic topic

After you search, you can filter your results. You can filter by Type, Practice Area, and Topic. The filter options are located on the left side of the screen. The site also give you the option of refining your search.

Below is a view of the different filter options indicated by the green boxes.


Access to O’Connor’s online is available through the Texas Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.

O’Connor’s Online: Frequently Asked Questions

This is the third in a four part series blog post spotlighting Jones McClure Publishing’s O’Connor’s Online.

If you are struggling with using the online resources, you can select an option under the Let Us Show You Around tab. Under this tab, you can choose from Navigating the Landing Page; Searching Online; Bookmarks, Highlights, and Notes; Using the Index; and Frequently Asked Questions. These tools will help you to learn about the website and combat any problems you are having with the online resources.

let us

After clicking on the Frequently Asked Questions section, you can view several different topics. The categories of questions include General, Navigating O’Connor’s Online, Researching on O’Connor’s Online, and O’Connor’s Online Tools.

Below is a view of the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Frequently asked questions

After selecting a specific question from the Frequently Asked Questions page, you can read the little tutorial. From that page, you can view your Recently Viewed Articles and Related articles on the right side of the screen.

Below is a view of a specific question from the Frequently Asked Questions page. The green boxes indicate where the Recently Viewed Articles and Related Articles can be located.

specific question 1

If you did not find the answer helpful, you can submit a request or write a comment to get additional information. Those options are located at the bottom of the specific questions page.

The green boxes indicate where you can comment or submit a request.


Access to O’Connor’s Online is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.

Science, Technology, and the Law


The project is a program of the National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs. United States Department of Justice located at Stetson University College of Law.  It provides a single access point for information about science, technology, and legal topics. The information has been compiled by professionals in order to provide comprehensive data on a broad range of topics.  The clearinghouse provides access to books, journals, cases, dissertations, and websites, as well as various other materials that cover topics from Accident Investigation to Voice Analysis.


Other resources that NCSTL provides include Special Collections for specific user groups, as well as Education and Training resources.


For more information, visit the web site or contact directly at:


More information can also be located at:


For assistance with this or any other topic, please contact the Texas Tech Law Library at (806) 742-7155 or