Law School’s 50th Anniversary Display

50th Anniversary collage

Have you ever wondered what that empty desk in the Upper Basement of the Law Library is?  And what does that have to do with the Law School’s 50th Anniversary?  Wonder no more.

The Law School is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. To help commemorate the occasion the Law Library created a display of historical material to celebrate.  In the display you will see items showing our history from the construction of the new Law School to the addition of the Lanier Center.

  • pictures of the new Law School construction
  • various Law School publications (including a yearbook with pictures of students struggling over finals)
  • an invitation to the grand opening of the Lanier Center

The Law Library has many items concerning the history of the Law Library preserved in ScHOLAR, the law school’s digital repository.  Check out the “Texas Tech Law History” community in the repository to see more historical items.

As for the desk in the Upper Basement, it belonged to the first dean of the Law School, Richard B. Amandes, who served as dean from 1967 until 1977.  If you look closely at the desk, there is a brass plaque on the desktop that explains the desk’s history.

From W. Reed Quilliam, Texas Tech University School of Law:  the first 35 years:  1967-2002 (2006).


What can I get at the Circulation desk?

Students, don’t forget the staff at the Circulation desk are here to help you!  They are here to ensure you get what you need, when you need it.  Here are some of the services and helpful items that are available to you from the Circulation desk:

Office Supplies:  Whether you forget your pencil bag at home or urgently need to staple an assignment minutes before class starts, the Circulation desk has what you need. Pens, pencils, erasers, calculators, paper clips, rulers, staplers, hole punch, tape, and scissors are all available upon request.

Umbrellas:  It doesn’t rain in West Texas very often, but when it does you might need an umbrella.  The Circulation desk has a limited number of umbrellas available to keep you, and your pricey books, dry when the rain catches you unprepared.  All we ask is, if you borrow an umbrella, please return it so we can loan it out again!

Electronics and Chargers:  Forget your charger at home? The Circulation desk has a wide variety of charging cords available so you can spend less time commuting and more time studying. Additionally, the Circulation desk also carries thumb drives and cords for connecting to video equipment, small camcorders, and projectors.

Pain Medication:  Headaches and muscle aches can slow your study pace to a crawl, so it is important to get relief as soon as possible.  The Circulation desk has ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and aspirin available upon request.

First Aid Supplies:  The Circulation desk has a variety of bandages, alcohol pads, and antiseptic available for minor cuts and abrasions. A bigger first aid kit is also available for more serious situations.  Additionally, the Law Library has two defibrillators: one by the 1st floor elevator and one out side the Library entrance, under the message board.

Cleaning Supplies:  For life’s little messes, the Circulation desk has an assortment of cleaning supplies you may borrow at your convenience.

Study Room Reservations:  Law Library Study Room reservations can be made at the Circulation desk.  If you want to make sure a study room is available for you at the time you need it, come by the Circulation desk and reserve the room you need.

Last but most importantly, the Circulation desk has Answers!  If you need help, but are not sure where to go or who can help; the Circulation Desk staff can help!  Ask, and the Circulation desk staff will either provide you the answer or connect you with the person who can help.