O’Connor’s Online: Registration

This is the second in a four part series blog post spotlighting Jones McClure Publishing’s O’Connor’s Online.

O’Connor’s Online provides access to user-friendly law books geared toward the practicing lawyer. O’Connor says everything they publish–commentaries, codes, forms–is designed to simplify the daily practice of lawyers in the real world.

Access to O’Connor’s Online is available by creating an account with your Texas Tech email address at https://www.oconnors.com/lawschool. You will receive an email to verify your email address. After registering, you will receive an email confirming that you successfully activated your account.

Below is a view of the screen to register for online access.


After registering with your Texas Tech email, the website will give you a tutorial of how to use O’Connor’s Online services. The website instructs you where you can click to search, where you can click to collapse, and where you can click to go home. You can exit the tutorial by clicking on the bottom right corner Close button.

Below is a view of the tutorial after you register.


After exiting the brief tutorial, additional help is located in the center of the screen under the Let Us Show You Around section. Under this section, you have the options learn about Navigating the Landing Page; Searching Online; Bookmarks, Highlights, and Notes; Using the Index; and Frequently Asked Questions.

Below, the green box indicates where the Let Us Show You Around section can be located.

Let us show you around

Additionally, if you are unsure where to begin you can browse various topics. The topics available to browse include Appellate Procedure, Business & Organizations, Causes of Action, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Pretrial & Trial Procedure, Probate & Estates, and Property & Real Estate.

Below, the green box indicates where you can browse the topics.

browse 2

Access to O’Connor’s online is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.

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