Finals Help

Finals are looming and your brain may be starting to fail; you may need an extra boost to help you make it through the afternoon, the day, or the week.

We are here to help.  The Law Library can provide access to streaming audio study aids, improved West Academic Study Aids, general information on study aids,  we even have the Collaborative Commons where you can get together and study!

candy jarAs wonderful as these resources are, sometimes you need more! Sometimes you need candy!!!

When you find you are in need of candy, come by office 127A, off of the Collaborative Commons.  If the light is on and the door is open, come on in and get some candy.  If the light is on but the door is closed, knock and I will let you in to get candy!

Sometimes the little things help you get through the day and through your work.  As an extra bonus, if you have a reference question I can help with that as well.

Our contact information is:

Circulation Desk

Reference Services

Good luck on your studies!!!

Database of Law-Related Movies

We all love a good law movie, right? Well, we’re in luck because lawyer and law librarian Ted Tjaden created a database of Law-Related Movies.

The 172 law-related movies on this site have been arbitrarily limited to those that contain one or more of the following features: interesting courtroom scenes, portrayal of lawyers, themes of justice or liberty, or discussion of substantive legal issues. 

The pages have been divided into the following topics:

These movies are great for entertainment purposes or may be useful for instruction, particularly the “movies organized by substantive law subject.”

If you find yourself in need of a break during exam study, you may want to focus your attention on a law-related movie to relax or test your ever-growing knowledge. While the Law Library may not own every title in the database, we do have an impressive collection of popular DVDs. Come check one out today!

Bar Exam-Relevant Electronic Databases: Corporate Law Resource Center

This is the final post in a four-part series spotlighting bar exam-relevant databases.

Bloomberg BNA Corporate Law Resource Center is a comprehensive database, providing everything from corporate law news to case summaries to practice tools for attorneys.

Corporate Law Resource Center 1The Resource Center houses four separate reports: Corporate Law & Accountability Report, Corporate Counsel Weekly, Mergers & Acquisitions Report, and Social Media Law & Policy Report (shown with summaries below).

Corporate Law Resource Center 2The Corporate Law & Accountability Report and the Corporate Counsel Weekly publish news articles daily (shown below). Unlike the news articles published in the Family Law Reporter, articles in either Corporate reports are not as easily searchable by topic.

Corporate Law Resource Center 3Perhaps the most beneficial avenue in terms of news and information compilation, is found in BNA Insights, located on the left column on the Corporate Law Resource Center home page (shown below).

Corporate Law Resource Center 4

Access to Bloomberg BNA’s Corporate Law Resource Center is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website, under the Electronic Resources tab.

Bar Exam-Relevant Electronic Databases: Family Law Reporter

This is the third post in a four-part series spotlighting bar exam-relevant databases.

The Bloomberg BNA Family Law Reporter is published once a week, each Tuesday. The front page of the Family Law Reporter contains all the headlines from the weekly edition and a complete topical index below, where readers can single out articles concerning specific topics, from Adoption to Wills & Estates.

Family Law Reporter1Using the left side menu, readers can further search through recent topics, law firms mentioned in articles, and by court. All the links take the reader to a separate landing page, where subjects are alphabetized (shown below).

Family Law Reporter2Alternatively, readers exclusively seeking information concerning recently reported cases can do so through clicking the “Finding Tools” link, located on the blue menu bar, and selecting “View Recent Cases Reported”. Each case is provided with a short, one to two sentence summary (shown below).

Family Law Reporter 4Access to Bloomberg BNA’s Family Law Reporter is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website, under the Electronic Resources tab.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Bar During Finals!

pbandjAs you are studying for finals and your stomach starts to rumble remember, the Law Library will be setting out peanut butter and jelly fixin’s for you to make FREE sandwiches!

The peanut butter & jelly bar will be set up and available during the following days from 11a.m.-1:15p.m. (or until supplies run out):

Wednesday, May 11th

Thursday, May 12th

Tuesday, May 17th

Wednesday, May 18th

Good luck on your finals and have a wonderful summer!!!!