January 2018 Law Faculty Publications & News

Throughout January, the Law Library received alerts for full-time TTU Law Faculty publications and news. Below is a compilation of those daily alerts for January 1 to January 31, 2018.


  1. GERRY W. BEYER, 19 & 19A WEST’S LEGAL FORMS – REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS (4th ed.) (2017-2018 Supplement).


  1. Gerry W. Beyer, Estate Planning and Probate Law, 81 Tex. B. J. 32 (2018).
  2. Gerry W. Beyer & Kerri G. Nipp, Practical Planning for Digital Assets and Administration of Digital Assets by Fiduciaries, 43 Tax Man. Est., Gifts & Tr. J. 3 (2018).
  3. Gerry W. Beyer, ed., Keeping Current—Probate, Prob. & Prop., Jan./Feb. 2018, at 32.* *The American Bar Association has appointed Prof. Beyer as the editor of this column for 25 consecutive years.
  4. Brian D. Shannon, The Revised NCAA Division I Governance Structure after Three Years: A Scorecard, 5 Tex. A&M L. Rev. 65 (2017).
  5. Rishi Batra, Resolving Civil Forfeiture Disputes, 66 U. Kan. L. Rev. 399 (2017).
  6. Gerry W. Beyer, Potpourri, REPTL Rep., 56-1, at 3 (2018).
  7. Gerry W. Beyer, Intestacy, Wills, Estate Administration, and Trusts Update, REPTL Rep., 56-1, at 4 (2018).
  8. Gerry W. Beyer, The Texas Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act: A Primer for Estate Planners, REPTL Rep., 56-1, at 112 (2018).


  1. Arnold Loewy & Charles Moster, It’s Debatable: Was CNN’s pot party broadcast appropriate?, Lubbock Avalanche-J. (Jan. 12, 2018 09:45 pm), http://lubbockonline.com/opinion/opinion-columnists/2018-01-12/it-s-debatable-was-cnn-s-pot-party-broadcast-appropriate.
  2. Arnold Loewy & Charles Moster, It’s Debatable: Is our society in a state of decline?, Lubbock Avalanche-J. (Jan. 26, 2018 07:52 pm), http://lubbockonline.com/opinion/opinion-columnists/2018-01-26/it-s-debatable-our-society-state-decline.


  1. Prof. Loewy’s article A Proposal for the Universal Collection of DNA is cited in the following article: Ric Simmons, The Mirage of Use Restrictions, 96 N.C.L. Rev. 133 (2017).
  2. Prof. Murphy’s article Enhancing the Role of Public Interest Organizations in Rulemaking Via Pre-Notice Transparency is cited in the following article: Daniel Boger, Pre-Enforcement Review: An Evaluation from the Perspective of Ripeness, 36 Va. Envtl. L.J. 77 (2018).
  3. Prof. Krahmer’s article Wire Transfers, Good Faith, and “Phishing” is cited in the following article: Robert T. Luttrell, III, The Relation Between Good Faith, Fair Dealing and Ordinary Care in Payment Law Cases Under UCC Articles 3, 4 and 4a, 71 Consumer Fin. L.Q. Rep. 42 (2017).
  4. Dean Nowlin’s article The Warren Court’s House Built on Sand: From Security in Persons, Houses, Papers, and Effects to Mere Reasonableness in Fourth Amendment Doctrine is cited in the following article: The Virtues of Heterogeneity, in Court Decisions and the Constitution, 131 Harv. L. Rev. 872 (2018).
  5. Prof. Casto and Val D. Ricks’s article “Dear Sister Antillico . . .”: The Story of Kirksey v. Kirksey is cited in the following article: Judith L. Maute, Race Politics, O’Hare Airport Expansion, and Promissory Estoppel: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same, 69 Hastings L.J. 119 (2017).
  6. Professors Huffman and Rosen’s book Military Law: Criminal Justice and Administrative Process is cited in the following article: Seth Michael Engel, Fostering A Safe Warfighting Environment: Applying Title IX and Student Discipline in Higher Education to the Military’s Fight Against Sexual Assault, 32 Wis. J.L. Gender & Soc’y 133 (2017).
  7. Prof. Arnold Loewy’s article The Fourth Amendment as a Device for Protecting the Innocent is cited in the following article: David Gray, Collective Standing Under the Fourth Amendment, 55 Am. Crim. L. Rev. 77, 77 (2018).
  8. Prof. Arnold Loewy’s article The Warren Court as Defendant of State and Federal Criminal Laws: A Reply to Those Who Believe That the Court is Oblivious to the Needs of Law Enforcement is cited in the following article: Jeffrey D. Swartz, Esq., Terry v. Ohio at 50: What It Created, What It Has Meant, Is It Under Attack and Is the Court Opening the Door to Police Misconduct?, 38 N. Ill. U.L. Rev. 44, 45 (2017).


  1. Prof. Christopher is quoted extensively in the following article: Tyler Roberts, What it takes to pass today’s nasty bar exam, Nat’l Jurist, Winter 2018, at 21.
  2. Prof. Camp is quoted in the following article: Nathan J. Richman, Proposals Would Provide Tax Court Filing Deadline Solutions, 2018 TNT 21-7.


  1. On January 5, 2018, Prof. Gerry W. Beyer was the speaker at the year’s first meeting of the Southern Nevada Estate Planning Council. His presentation and accompanying article were entitled How to Anticipate and Avoid Will Contests. Attending the meeting were many of Nevada’s most prestigious estate planning attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals who work in the estate planning area.
  2. Dean and Professor Victoria Sutton made the following presentations at the annual American Association of Law Schools conference in San Diego, CA, Jan. 2-6, 2018: On January 3, Professor Sutton gave two presentations. The first was on her selected paper at the Associate Deans Section Program, Distance Education in Law Schools: Exploring Issues and Best Practices. The second was entitled How I Changed a Regulation Using Social Sciences Research for the panel on Law and Social Sciences. She is the outgoing chair and member of the Executive Committee of the section. On January 6, Professor Sutton gave a presentation on DIY biology and regulation on the panel for Biolaw, Legal Challenges of Editing the Genome: Coming to Terms with CRISPR Technology. She was elected Chair of the Biolaw section.
  3. On January 18, 2018, Professor Beyer was the luncheon speaker for the South Plains Trust and Estate Council in Lubbock. His presentation and accompanying article were entitled Cyber Estate Planning and Administration.
  4. Paul Whitfield Horn Professor Brian Shannon presented at the Division I Issues Forum at the NCAA Annual Convention on January 18, 2018, in Indianapolis.
  5. Paul Whitfield Horn Professor Brian Shannon served on the dais as Parliamentarian at the NCAA Autonomy Conference Discussion Forum and NCAA Autonomy Business Session on January 18-19, 2018, in Indianapolis. This marked the fourth straight year that Shannon has served in this role.
  6. Professors from the Texas Tech System were awarded the Chancellors Council Distinguished Teaching and Research Awards on January 25. Seven university professors from five colleges were recognized for their excellence and received a $5,000 stipend and an engraved medallion. Recipients included TechLaw’s own Professor Wendy-Adele Humphrey.
  7. On January 24, 2018, Professor Gerry W. Beyer participated in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute’s Kickoff Event at Texas Tech.  Out of the dozens of speakers slated to present for OLLI’s Spring 2018 program, he was one of five selected to discuss their upcoming presentations with the over 150 people in attendance at the event.  Prof. Beyer’s presentation, Don’t Let the Airlines Take You for a Ride – Know Your Flight Rights, is scheduled for April 10, 2018.
  8. The Real Estate, Probate, and Trust Law Council of the State Bar of Texas unanimously reappointed Professor Gerry W. Beyer as the Editor-in-Chief of the REPTL Reporter at its Winter Council meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 27, 2018. The REPTL Reporter is the official publication of the section which is the largest section of the State Bar of Texas with over 9,400 members.
  9. Professor Gerry W. Beyer recently served as one of the judges of the Student Writing Competition sponsored by the Real Estate, Probate, and Trust Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.

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