National Library Week!

The Law Library at Texas Tech is looking forward to returning to hosting our National Library Week Programing! National Library Week will be from April 3rd – 9th! To celebrate the library will be hosting several events and contests.

Pet of the Week Tournament of Champions:

We will be running a single-elimination tournament to crown pet of the year! The bracket will be posted on April 8th along with the dates for voting. Friday will be the last match up with the winner taking home a prize!

Celebration of our Staff:

At the entrance to the library will be a poster with clues as to staff members’ identities. Match the staff member to the clue and enter a drawing for a gift card. Only one entry per person and you must correctly match the staff members to their clues.

Hint: All answers will be located on our social media.

Find Lady Justice:

On our social media, you will find clues to where Lady Justice is hiding for the day. First-person to locate her and bring her to Professor Morris (127A off the collaborative commons, or ask at the circulation desk) will get a gift card.

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