re:SearchTX – The Contents Coverage

This is the second in a two part series blog post spotlighting re:SearchTX.

Texas Tech University School of Law Library has the Pro-Level subscription to re:SearchTX. When Texas Appeals Management and eFiling System (TAMES) offers users free online access to many of Texas’ courts of last resort and appellate courts’ decisions and related documents, re:SearchTX contains e-filed cases and documents from all 254 counties in Texas.

The details of re:searchTX’s contents are listed below:

  • All of the case information and document accessible to the registered user role on re:SearchTX is public record and made available from the state and/or county in which the case information originated. 
  • Criminal cases and justice of the peace cases are currently not in re:SearchTX. A detailed set of the case types and documents that are available to non-attorneys can be found on the JCIT Standards.
  • The data in each court will vary court-by-court.  See the list of completed and upcoming court integrations.
  • Filings, final orders, and judgments that were done over-the-counter at the individual clerk’s office may not be in re:SearchTX if the court hasn’t integrated the case management system with re:SearchTX.
  • Data and documents that were e-filed are in re:SearchTX from 1/1/2016. However, TTU School of Law users can only see data e-filed after 11/1/2018, as long as the cases and documents are not secured per the JCIT security matrix, secured by the clerk, or filed as “contains sensitive information”.

If you fail to find resources on re:SearchTX, you may have to contact the individual clerk’s office to request a copy of the document you need.

If you have any questions, please contact Electronic & Digital Services Librarian Dajiang Nie.

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