November 2017 New Books

In November 2017, the Law Library added the following new titles to the collection to support the research and curricular needs of our faculty and students.


  1. Julian Moore, Speed Learning Graphology: the art of handwriting analysis (2012).


  1. Anne-Emanuelle Birn, Textbook of Global Health (2017).
  2. Mara Buchbinder, Michele Rivkin-Fish, and Rebecca L. Walker eds., Understanding Health Inequalities and Justice: new conversations across the disciplines (2016).


  1. Wendy Nelson Espeland and Michael Sauder, Engines of Anxiety: academic rankings, reputation, and accountability (2016).


  1. Kathryn Rountree, Contemporary Pagan and Native Faith Movements and Nationalist Impulses (2013).

All of these books are available from the Law Library.  If you would like to check out any of these titles, please contact the circulation desk at either 806-742-3957 or  Library staff will be able to assist in locating and checking out any of these items.

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