August 2018 Law Faculty Publications & News

Throughout the month of August, the Law Library received alerts for full-time TTU Law Faculty publications and news. Below is a compilation of those daily alerts for August 1 to August 31, 2018.


  1. Alex Wilson Albright & Dustin B. Benham, Texas Courts: A Survey (2018).
  1. Gerry W. Beyer, Beyer’s Texas Property Code Annotated with Related Texas Law (2018).
  1. Gerry W. Beyer, Modern Dictionary for the Legal Profession (4th ed. 2018 Cum. Supp.).


  1. Arnold Loewy & Charles Moster, It’s Debatable: Has Trump tarnished the image of the presidency?, Lubbock Avalanche-J. (Aug. 19, 2018 at 6:43 a.m.),


  1. DeLeith Duke Gossett, The Client: How States Are Profiting from the Child’s Right to Protection, 48 U. Mem. L. Rev. 753 (2018).
  1. Gerry W. Beyer, Potpourri, 56-3 REPTL Rep. 3 (2018).
  1. Gerry W. Beyer, Intestacy, Wills, Estate Administration, and Trusts Update, 56-3 REPTL Rep. 4 (2018).
  1. Stephen T. Black, Do You Want Innovation and Jobs?: Repeal § 511, 57 Washburn L. J. 431 (2018).


  1. Prof. Loewy’s article The Use, Nonuse, and Misuse of Low Value Speech is cited in the following article: Elizabeth Kirley & Marilyn McMahon, The Emoji Factor: Humanizing the Emerging Law of Digital Speech, 85 Tenn. L. Rev. 517 (2018).
  1. Two of Prof. Casto’s articles—Attorney General Robert Jackson’s Brief Encounter with the Notion of Preclusive Presidential Power and Advising Presidents: Robert Jackson and the Destroyers-For-Bases Deal—are cited in the following article: Robert F. Bauer, The National Security Lawyer, in Crisis: When the “Best View” of the Law May Not Be the Best View, 31 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 175 (2018).
  1. Prof. Beyer’s article Effect of Divorce on a Client’s Estate Plan is cited in the following article: Naomi R. Cahn, Revisiting Revocation Upon Divorce?, 103 Iowa L. Rev. 1879 (2018).
  1. Prof. Tracy Pearl’s article Hands on the Wheel: A Call for Greater Regulation of Semi-Autonomous Cars is cited in the following article: Holton Westbrook, Look Ma, No Hands: Providing Automated Vehicle Regulations and Precedents Inclusive of Disabled Individuals, 19 Tex. Tech Admin. L.J. 385 (2018).
  1. Prof. James’s article Twenty-First Century Pirates of the Caribbean: How the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Robbed Fourteen CARICOM Countries of Their Tax and Economic Policy Sovereignty is cited in the following article: Lilian V. Faulhaber, The Trouble with Tax Competition: From Practice to Theory, 71 Tax L. Rev. 311 (2018).
  1. Prof. Casto’s article The First Congress’s Understanding of Its Authority over the Federal Courts’ Jurisdiction is cited in the following article: Daniel D. Birk, The Common-Law Exceptions Clause: Congressional Control of Supreme Court Appellate Jurisdiction in Light of British Precedent, 63 Vill. L. Rev. 189 (2018).
  1. The 2017-19 edition of Prof. Beyer’s Texas Estate Planning Statutes with Commentary is cited in the following article: Matthew Roland, Disregarding Donors and Tinkering with Texas Trusts: Judicial Modification of Restricted Charitable Gifts, 10 Est. Plan. & Community Prop. L.J. 375 (2018).
  1. Prof. Murphy & Sidney A. Shapiro’s article Eight Things Americans Can’t Figure Out About Controlling Administrative Power is cited in the following article: Kristen van de Biezenbos, Negotiating Energy Democracy, 33 J. Land Use & Envtl. L. 331 (2018).
  1. Two of Prof. Casto’s books, Foreign Affairs and the Constitution in the Age of the Fighting Sail and The Supreme Court in the Early Republic: The Chief Justiceships of John Jay and Oliver Ellsworth, are cited in the following article: Scott Ingram, Presidents, Politics, and Pardons: Washington’s Original (Mis?)use of the Pardon Power, 8 Wake Forest J.L. & Pol’y 259 (2018).
  1. Prof. Loewy’s article The Fourth Amendment as a Device for Protecting the Innocent is cited in the following article: Bernard Chao, Catherine Durso, Ian Farrell, & Christopher Robertson, Why Courts Fail to Protect Privacy: Race, Age, Bias, and Technology, 106 Cal. L. Rev. 263 (2018).
  1. Prof. Murphy’s article Punitive Damages, Explanatory Verdicts, and the Hard Look is cited in §§ 12:3 & 12:4 of the Illinois Civil Jury Instructions Companion Handbook (August 2018 Update).


  1. Prof Sally Henry is quoted in the following article: Sarah Self-Walbrick, Reagor-Dykes: What we know, what to expect and the impact it has, Lubbock Avalanche-J. (Aug. 12, 2018 at 1:01 a.m.),
  1. Prof. Sally Henry is quoted in the following article: Sarah Self-Walbrick, Reagor-Dykes bankruptcy: Difference between CRO and trustee, Lubbock Avalanche-J. (Aug. 13, 2018 at 6:26 p.m.),


  1. On August 2, Professor Tracy Pearl presented her paper, Compensation at a Crossroads: Autonomous Vehicles and Alternative Victim Compensation Schemes, at the International Telecommunications Society annual conference at the University of Trento in Trento, Italy.
  1. Professor Sutton’s short introductory video-lecture for her course, Nanotechnology Law, was selected for the Best Shorts Film Competition in the Educational category. You may view the video here.
  1. On August 9 & 10, Professor Gerry Beyer was a discussant at three workshops at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools 2018 Annual Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL:
  • New Directions in Trusts and Estates Scholarship,
  • Experiential Learning in Trusts & Estates—Clinics, Simulation Courses, 7 Field    Placements, and
  • More than “Stiffs and Gifts”—Topic Coverage of a Modern Trusts & Estates Course
  1. Dean Emeritus Walter B. Huffman was a keynote speaker at the Wyoming Civil Defense Lawyers annual conference on August 10. His presentation was entitled The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA).
  1. Professor Tracy Pearl was a guest on the podcast “Film Baby Film” discussing “All the President’s Men” and how Watergate compares (and does not compare) to current high-level investigations. The full episode is available on SoundCloud.
  1. On August 14, Professor Gerry Beyer, along with esteemed Missouri attorney Robert Kirkland, presented a webinar entitled Cyber Estate Planning and Administration (Digital Asset Planning and Impact of Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act), for the American Bar Association, Real Property, Trusts, and Estates Section’s Professor’s Corner program.

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