Privacy and Security Law Report: Finding Tools

This is the third of a four-part series spotlighting: Privacy and Security Law Report

The Privacy and Security Law Report offers the user a “Finding Tools” feature to help them wade their way through all of the articles in the database. This feature is located one-third of the way down the home page on the right side.

pslr findingtools


The “Finding Tools” feature allows the user the ability to search or browse the index archives and view reported cases. When searching the index, the user is able to search by terms and fields, and is able to limit their search by date. There is also a handy “Search Operators” informational insert at the bottom of the page to help the user create a more powerful search query.

pslr advancedsearch

As mentioned, there is also the ability on the homepage to browse the index. By following the “Browse Indexes” link, the user is presented with an alphabetical list of expandable keyword headings. When a keyword is expanded, the user is given a list of articles within that index that discuss that particular subject matter.

pslr keywordheadings

Sometimes the information a user is looking for is not present in the current index. In that case, the user has the ability to select a different index to browse.

pslr differentindexselection

In addition to the index archives, users can also search the “Reported Cases.” They are given the ability to view all the cases alphabetically or to view the recent reported cases. When a user chooses to view the cases alphabetically, they are presented with an expandable A-Z list with links to every case reported.


Finally, by choosing the “View Recent Cases Reported” link under the “Finding Tools” feature on the homepage, the user is able to sort through a list of reported recent cases listed by date. Each case has a link to the information and a brief summary


The “Finding Tools” feature is useful because it provides the user with different ways to browse and search the Privacy and Security Law indexes. It also gives the user a couple of ways to sift through all the reported cases or just the recent reported cases in the database.

Voice for the Defense Online – VOL Blog

Part 2 in a 3-part series.  A helpful feature of the Voice for the Defense online is the Blog, authored by members of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA).  From the Voice for the Defense homepage, click Blog.


The Blog link will take you to the most recent posts:


Click Voice for the Defense Blog Home to view the calendar, blog posts by category or author, and a link to register to add a comment.


Access to the Voice Online Blog and other features of the Voice for the Defense publication is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.

Privacy and Security Law Report: Bloomberg Law Insights

This is the second in a series of four posts about the Privacy and Security Law Report.

The Privacy and Security Law Report gives the user access to Bloomberg Law Insights, a valuable resource that provides analyses of issues in today’s hottest privacy- and security-related topics. This can be found on the right hand side of the homepage, where the user can choose to access either a particular article that is being promoted or a list of all Insights.

pslr bloomberglawinsightslink

When the user clicks on the “All Bloomberg Law Insights” link, they will be presented with a list of all available Insights, each one including the article’s title, date published, author’s biographical or contact information, and a short synopsis. Additionally, users will be able to filter the articles by author or firm.

pslr filterarticles

A useful feature is the “Split Screen” function. This allows the user to navigate Bloomberg Law Insights much easier because it does not require them to go back and forth between the article links and the articles themselves.

pslr splitscreen

Clicking on the “Split Screen” link reloads the current page with a new layout. The user will then find the list of Bloomberg Law Insights articles on the left side of the page and the actual article clicked on the right side of the page.

pslr bloomberglawinsightssplitscreenactual

Once the user has accessed an Insight, the links at the top of the article’s page allow them to print the article, see related articles, or contact the editor. If the user decides they no longer want to use the split screen function, all they need to do is click on the “Full Screen” link at the very top of the article’s page.

pslr bloomberglawinsightsarticletoplinks

Bloomberg Law Insights is a useful feature that allows users to quickly access analyses of important privacy and security-related issues currently in the news.

Voice for the Defense Online – Significant Decisions Report

Part 1 in a 3-part series.  The Voice for the Defense is a monthly magazine for members of Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA), available at  One of the useful features is a monthly publication from Michael Mowla titled “Significant Decisions Report” that summarizes criminal cases from the U.S. Supreme Court, Fifth Circuit, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and Texas Courts of Appeals.  This monthly report assures you have the most up-to-date decisions affecting your case.


Once you access SDR from the Voice for the Defense homepage, the current issue and archived issues are available.


An example of significant decision summaries:


Access to the Significant Decisions Report and other features of the Voice for the Defense publication is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.

Privacy and Security Law Report: Access to information in one of today’s hottest legal areas

This is the first of a four-part series spotlighting: Privacy and Security Law Report

The Privacy and Security Law Report is a database that provides access to multiple resources relating to current legal issues affecting the privacy and security fields. This database includes the latest weekly updates regarding emerging developments in the areas of data protection, employee privacy, financial privacy, healthcare privacy, and many others.

pslr screenshot

Complete articles can be accessed by clicking on any of the links under the subtopics listed in the middle of the page, such as “Data Protection,” “Cybersecurity,” or “Big Data.” Users can also find litigation, state, and international news further down the page.

pslr articlelink

There is a “Related Articles” list at the bottom of the page allowing users to access more relevant information on the particular subject matter and authors, including topics, countries, and law firms.

pslr related articles

There is also a “Hot Topics” section on the left side of the homepage allowing users quick access to a collection of information that directly relates to the topic and, once clicked, the option to print off the particular selection list.

pslr hot topics homepage

pslr selection list

Additionally, users will find the “Bloomberg Law Insights” section on the right side of the homepage which provides them with instant access to relevant industry legal analysis on various related topics.

pslr bloomberglawinsightslink

Interested in the Privacy and Security Law Report? Access can be found on the Texas Tech Law Library website, under the “Electronic Database” tab.

GovSearch: Military Facilities

This is the fourth in a four part series blog post spotlighting Carroll Publishing’s GovSearch Suite.

On the GovSearch home page, you can look up information regarding military facilities. Under the People & Offices tab located at the top of the home page, you can select Military Facilities and further select Bases/Facilities, Offices, or Positions.

Below is a view of the home page. The green boxes indicate where the Military Facilities options can be located.

Military Facilities from homepage

After choosing Base/Facilities, you can narrow your search by Service and State.

Below is a view of the military facility search tool. The results from your Military Facility search will be organized by multiple columns including Office Name, In Office, Within, Headquarters, Location, and County.


To find offices at military facilities, you can select Offices under the Military Services option of the People & Offices tab. Under the military offices search, you can narrow your search by entering an Office Name, a Base Name, and Additional Qualifiers that include Service area and State.

Below is a view of the military office search tool.

military office search

If you prefer to search by military position, this option can be located on the home page under the Military Facilities option of the People & Offices tab. After selecting the Positions option, you can narrow your military positions search by Position Title, Office, Base Name, Service, and State.

Below is a view of the search options available under the military positions search.

military positions

Access to Carroll Publishing’s database is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.


October 2017 New Books

In October 2017, the Law Library added the following new titles to the collection to support the research and curricular needs of our faculty and students.


  1. Donna A. Dulo, ed., Unmanned Aircraft in the National Airspace: critical issues, technology, and the law (2015).


  1. Louis Filler, ed., Wendell Phillips on Civil Rights and Freedom (1965).


  1. W.B. Allen and Gordon Lloyd, eds., The Essential Antifederalist (2002).


  1. Benjamin Rachlin, Ghost of the Innocent Man: a true story of trial and redemption (2017).


  1. Forrest S. Mosten and Elizabeth Potter Scully, Unbundled Legal Services: a family lawyer’s guide (2017).


  1. John Bandler, Cybersecurity for the Home and Office: the lawyer’s guide to taking charge of your own information security (2017).
  2. Stephen S. Wu, A Guide to HIPAA Security and the Law (2016).


  1. Jay Dratler, Jr., Cyberlaw: intellectual property in the digital millennium (2000).


  1. Rebecca Shriver Davis, Justice Leah Ward Sears: seizing serendipity (2013).


  1. Bryan A. Garner, et. al., The Law of Judicial Precedent (2016).


  1. Milana L. Hogan, Grit, the Secret to Advancement: stories of successful women lawyers (2017).
  2. Ronda Muir, Beyond Smart: lawyering with emotional intelligence (2017).


  1. Ted Stewart, Supreme Power: 7 pivotal Supreme Court decisions that had a major impact on America (2017).

All of these books are available from the Law Library.  If you would like to check out any of these titles, please contact the circulation desk at either 806-742-3957 or  Library staff will be able to assist in locating and checking out any of these items.