February 2019 New Resources

2019 Feb new books

In February 2019, the Law Library added the following new resources to the collection to support the research and curricular needs of our faculty and students.

New Resources

GAO Reports and Comptroller General Decisions – A new database available from HeinOnline.  Contains reports on audits, surveys, investigations, and evaluations of federal programs conducted by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO). All published reports, testimonies, correspondence, and special publications are included (documents that are restricted or classified are not). GAO Comptroller General Decisions contain decisions and opinions issued by the Comptroller General in areas of federal law such as appropriations, bid protests, and federal agency rulemaking.

New Books


  1. Gary Slapper and David Kelly, The English Legal System (2014).
  2. P.S.R.F. Mathijsen, A Guide to European Union Law: As Amended by the Treaty of Lisbon (2010).
  3. Lorna Woods and Philippa Watson, Steiner & Woods EU Law (2012).


  1. Catherine D. Marcum, Cyber Crime (2019).


  1. Brett R. Turner, Equitable Distribution of Property (2019).
  2. Diane L. Redleaf, They Took the Kids Last Night: How the Child Protection System Puts Families at Risk (2018).


  1. Meera E. Deo, Unequal Profession: Race and Gender in Legal Academia (2019).
  2. Wendi S. Lazar, executive ed. ; Terese M. Connolly and Gregory S. Chiarello eds., Zero Tolerance: Best Practices for Combating Sex-Based Harassment in the Legal Profession (2018).


  1. Mark A. Ryan, ed., The Clean Water Act Handbook (2018).
  2. Harry Verhoeven, ed., Environmental Politics in the Middle East: Local Struggles, Global Connections (2018).
  3. Shelley Ross Saxer and Jonathan Rosenbloom, Social-Ecological Resilience and Sustainability (2018).


  1. ILRC Staff Attorneys, Essentials of Asylum Law (2018).


  1. Irene Calboli and Martin Senftleben, eds., The Protection of Non-Traditional Trademarks: Critical Perspectives (2018).


  1. Jill Barton and Rachel H. Smith, The Handbook for the New Legal Writer (2019).


  1. Helen Sword, Air & Light & Time & Space: How Successful Academics Write (2017).
  2. Gary R. Morrison, Designing Effective Instruction (2013).
  3. Christine Harrington and Todd Zakrajsek, Dynamic Lecturing: Research-Based Strategies to Enhance Lecture Effectiveness (2017).
  4. Robert F. Mager, Preparing Instructional Objectives: A Critical Tool in the Development of Effective Instruction (2012).


  1. Faith Pincus, Being Heard: Presentation Skills for Attorneys (2018).
  2. Jeremy W. Richter, Building a Better Law Practice: Become a Better Lawyer in Five Minutes a Day (2018).
  3. Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell, The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together (2018).
  4. Ida O. Abbott, The Lawyer’s Guide to Mentoring (2018).
  5. Andy Clark, Lawyer Wellness is Not an Oxymoron: Why Tomorrow’s Top Lawyers Must Embrace Wellness Today and What You Need to do to be One of Them (2013).
  6. Larry Port and Dave Maxfield, The Lean Law Firm: Run Your Firm Like the World’s Most Efficient and Profitable Businesses (2018).
  7. Lee Holcomb, Lifestyle Lawyer: The Female Attorney’s Guide to Designing a Law Career You Love (2018).


  1. Katerina P. Lewinbuk, Connecting Ethics and Practice: A Lawyer’s Guide to Professional Responsibility (2019).


  1. Jean L. Batman, Advising the Small Business: Forms and Advice for the Legal Practitioner (2018).


  1. David Berg, The Trial Lawyer: What it Takes to Win (2018).

All resources are available from the Law Library.  If you would like to check out any of these titles, please contact the circulation desk at either 806-742-3957 or circulation.law@ttu.edu.

All electronic databases are available through the Library’s webpage, http://www.depts.ttu.edu/law/lawlibrary/index.php.

Library staff will be able to assist in locating and checking out any of these items or helping you contact the Librarian on call for questions about electronic resources.

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