UNC Press Law Publications Available on HeinOnline

HeinOnline is a wonderful resource that is available to you through the Law Library’s subscription. Hein has all kinds of documents available including law review articles, historical statutes for all states, and so much more!


Recently added to HeinOnline, are books published by the University of North Carolina Press. Hein has added more than 120 titles from this publisher and they are available at no extra cost! The UNC Press has a national and international reputation for publishing quality books. These books cover a variety of topics and include both current and historical titles. They can be found throughout HeinOnline in their subject-appropriate collections. Some of the popular titles include:
captive-nationCaptive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights Era (2014) written by Dan Berger

sexual-injusticeSexual Injustice: Supreme Court Decisions from Griswold to Roe (2010) written by Marc Stein

national-insecuritiesNational Insecurities: Immigrants and U.S. Deportation Policy Since 1882 (2012) written by Deirdre M. Moloney


There are many more titles available to you covering a multitude of subjects! For the full collection from the UNC Press in alphabetical order, please click here.

BNA U.S. Law Week Featured Spotligtht: Podcasts

BNA U.S. Law Week Featured Spotlight: Podcasts

This is the third post in a four part series spotlighting Bloomberg BNA United States Law Week.

Bloomberg BNA U.S. Law Week features podcasts concerning recent Supreme Court happenings. Some examples of titles are: Supremely Funny, Ruckus Over Raisins, and Friends in High Places.


BNA Podcasts

To access the podcast, the reader must click on the highlighted word at the end of the description. Usually the word is “more”, but sometimes the word is “listen”. After clicking the highlighted, linked word, the reader is lead to a page with the title of the podcast and a brief summary of the content. How long the podcast will last is in parenthesis.  Readers must click “Listen” to access the podcast. A separate page for the podcast will open up on your computer.

Podcast example

Access to Bloomberg B.N.A. U.S. Law Week database is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Database tab.

September at the Law Library

It’s going to be a very busy year for calendarthe library. We’ve got plenty of classes, events, and other sessions planned. To help you out with scheduling, we will be posting a blog at the beginning of each month that will show you what events are happening for the corresponding month! Take a look at what’s happening in the library in September:


Tuesday, September 6: ELR Class-Federal Statutory Law (3 p.m.-5 p.m., Lab 226)

Wednesday, September 7: Scribes Student Legal Writing Society-Writing Process/Outlining (2:30 p.m.-4 p.m., Collaborative Commons)

Thursday, September 8: Welcome Back Event for Faculty (12 p.m.-1 p.m., Faculty Conference Room)
ELR Class-Federal Statutory Law (3 p.m.-5 p.m., Lab 226)

Monday, September 12: ELR Class-Federal Legislative History (5 p.m.-7 p.m., Lab 226)

Tuesday, September 13: PB&J Bar (11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., Collaborative Commons)

Wednesday, September 14: ELR Class-Federal Legislative History (3 p.m.-5 p.m., Lab 226)

Wednesday, September 22: ELR Class-Case Finding Tools (5 p.m.-7 p.m., Lab 226)

Saturday, September 24: ELR Class-Case Finding Tools (1 p.m.-3 p.m., Lab 226)

Tuesday, September 27: ELR Class-Federal Administrative Law (5 p.m.-7 p.m., Lab 226)

Friday, september 30: ELR Class-Federal Administrative Law (2 p.m.-4 p.m., Lab 226)

If you are interested in registering for any of the ELR classes, please contact Alyson Drake, the Director of the Excellence in Legal Research Program (alyson.drake@ttu.edu).

Bloomberg BNA United States Law Week Featured Spotlight: BNA Insights

Bloomberg BNA United States Law Week Featured Spotlight: BNA Insights

This is the second post in a four part series spotlighting Bloomberg BNA United States Law Week.

BNA Insights is a featured portal on the BNA site that showcases a scholastic view of many important legal issues in civil and constitutional law. The portal consists of brief academic articles written by lawyers in the field of the topic of which they are writing. The portal adds articles at least once a week, although some days there will be multiple posts.


BNA Insights

An example of an article in BNA Insights is an article titled “ADA Equal Access, Company Websites and Attorney’s Fees”, which is written by two employment law attorneys. This article, like the others, analyzes a current legal topic and critiques the issues associated with the topic.  The articles are typically succinct with headings to guide the reader to each sub point and the conclusion. At the bottom of the page, Bloomberg provides related articles and groups those articles by topic, agency, and law firm.


ADA on Insight

Related Article -Insight


The BNA Insights feature is very easy to navigate. Readers can select the article they want by looking for the title or the date. The articles contain pictures and short biographies of all the articles’ authors so that those in the legal profession can easily recognize colleagues.

Access to Bloomberg BNA United States Law Week is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Database tab.

Opinions with Internet Citations are Safeguarded by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

Courts increasingly continue to cite to Internet resources in opinions. Over time, it is rare to find hyperlinks that still work, resulting in link rot. Link rot occurs when the hyperlink no longer works or disappears, typically leading to the now ubiquitous 404 error—page not found—message. Since about 2007 Federal court law libraries have been preserving intent citations in opinions, including the Fifth Circuit.


The Fifth Circuit, along with the other U. S. circuits, captures the cited Internet reference by converting the original documents and web pages as .pdf files. According to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Law Library, “[u]sing the URL referenced in the opinion, the original copy is saved with a watermark to denote the document’s archived status.” In addition to posting the archived URLs on the library website several Circuits are also adding the materials to the official case docket and PACER. Unfortunately, the Fifth Circuit has yet to do so.

Fifth Circuit opinions are arranged in descending docket number order. A sample entry is noted below. By clicking on a URL, one retrieves a .pdf copy of the resource as it existed at the time of filing with the Court. Each resource listed is a link to an archived copy.

5th cir sample

Bloomberg BNA U.S. Law Week Spotlight: What Is It?

BNA Law Week Spotlight: What Is It?

This is the first in a four-part series spotlighting Bloomberg BNA, The United States Law Week.

BNA United States Law Week is a database that contains many resources in regards to constitutional law, federal laws, civil practice and procedure, and the federal court systems. For example, the site gives access to noteworthy Supreme Court filings. The site also contains an “On the Merits Blog” where legal scholars and political analysts write about recent Supreme Court decisions and cases.

BNA law week


Users can access different pages of information by clicking the tabs in the top left corner. The tab that reads “Case Alert& Legal News” contains news articles on developing cases, legal news, and political happenings.


Case Alert &Legal News



The “Supreme Court Today” tab leads to a page that has noteworthy events in Supreme Court cases, oral argument news, and the latest judicial opinions.


Supreme Court Today


Other interesting features on the BNA Law Blog include podcasts and access to federal rules.


Access to Bloomberg BNA United States Law Week is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Database tab.


Checkpoint by RIA Featured Spotlight: Calculators

This is the final post in a four-part series spotlighting Checkpoint by RIA.

Checkpoint has a variety of useful calculators. They are divided into a series of topics such as auto, credit card, loan, and tax. Each topic contains several calculators that allows the user to enter data into labeled boxes and the calculator will compute the entered information into an easy-to-interpret results page.

To access the calculators click the “Tools” tab on the top bar, and select “General” under the “Calculators” section of the drop down menu.

Under Personal you will find calculators such as Checkbook Balancer, Home Budget, Student Budget, and Credit Assessment. Under Tax you will find a 1040 Tax and a 1040EZ Tax Estimator calculator. The Savings sections contains calculators for Lunch Savings, College Savings Plan, and Savings Goals.

As an example, let us look at the “Lunch Savings” calculator under the “Savings” section.

RIA Checkpoint 11

The calculator prompts you to enter the price of an “eat out lunch” and a “bagged lunch.” Next, enter the amount of bagged lunches to bring from home each month (average is 20), and the number of years you are going to save your lunch money. Finally, enter your expected rate of return on investment (the definitions section provides that the current S&P 500 annual rate of return of 7.76%).

RIA Checkpoint 10.png

Click “Calculate.” The calculator predicts that the lunch savings over the next four years could be $6,734 or $120 per month.

RIA Checkpoint 15

Access to Checkpoint by RIA database is available through the Texas Tech Law Library website under the Electronic Databases tab.