FBI Records: The Vault: Record Requests

This is the last in a four part series featuring the FBI records Vault. Each part highlights a different feature of the site.

FBI records can be requested through both the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Privacy Act. to request a record you can submit your request a couple of different ways explained on the FBI website. Once You have made a request you may check on it through The Vault site.



Status information is updated weekly. You need your FOI/PA request number to use this feature.


There are some exemptions to the FOIA/PA which are explained on the site.


The Vault can be reached through the FBI website under the Services Tab.

FBI Records: The Vault: Exploring a Report

This is the third part in a four part series featuring the FBI records Vault. Each part will highlight a different feature of the site.

When you click on a file, it loads in a reader that enables you to view one or two pages at a time, search for key words, shrink or enlarge the size of the text, use different scroll features, and more. In many cases, the quality and clarity of the individual files has also been improved.

The files can be accessed by a couple of different ways from the home page.

You can select a category, search for something specific, or look through their index.


Once you select a topic the available files will be displayed.


You can look through the file in the browser or open and download the pdf version.



The Vault can be reached through the FBI Website under the Services Tab.

July 2021 New Resources

In July 2021, the Law Library added the following new resources to the collection to support the research and curricular needs of our faculty and students.

New Resources

Law.com – Law.com provides timely legal news and analysis to stories from American Lawyer Media’s national and regional publications including The Recorder, the American Lawyer and the National Law Journal. Links to these individual publications are in the pull-down menu in the top left corner of the Law.com site. To access this site, the user needs to use our proxied link in our Electronic Resources List.

New Books


1. Karol K. Sparks, The Keys to Banking Law:  A Handbook for Lawyers (2020).


2. American Bar Association American Bar Association, Antitrust Law Section, Joint Ventures:  Antitrust Analysis of Collaborations Among Competitors (2020).


3. Rachel Rebouche, Feminist Judgments:  Family Law Opinions Rewritten (2020).


4. H. Ward Classen, The Practical Guide to Software Licensing and Cloud Computing (2020).


5. Gilberto Q. Conchas and Nancy Acevedo, The Chicana/o/x Dream:  Hope, Resistance, and Educational Success (2020).

6. Carolyn Caffrey Gardner, Elizabeth Galoozis, and Rebecca Halpern, eds., Hidden Architectures of Information Literacy Programs:  Structures, Practices, and Contexts (2020).


7. Alex Davies, ed., Lawyer Health and Wellbeing:  How the Legal Profession Is Tackling Stress and Creating Resiliency (2020).


8. David A. Schlueter, Stephen A. Saltzburg, Lee D. Schinasi, and Edward J. Imwinkelried, Military Evidentiary Foundations (2021).


9. Zachary B. Pyers and Kenton H. Steele, eds., Ridesharing Law and Liability (2020).


10. Jill R. Horwitz, Restatement of the Law, Charitable Nonprofit Organizations:  As Adopted and Promulgated by the American Law Institute at Washington, D.C., May 17, 2016; May 22, 2017; and May 20, 2019 (2021).

All resources are available from the Law Library.  If you would like to check out any of these titles, please contact the circulation desk at either 806-742-3957 or circulation.law@ttu.edu

All electronic databases are available through the Library’s webpage, http://www.depts.ttu.edu/law/lawlibrary/index.php.   

Library staff will be able to assist in locating and checking out any of these items or helping you contact the Librarian on call for questions about electronic resources.

FBI Records: The Vault : Search Functions

This is the second in a four part series featuring the FBI’s Records Vault. Each part will Highlight a different feature of the site.

The Vault contains a couple of different easy to use search functions including search by topic and a keyword search.

You can browse or search for specific topics or persons by using the alphabetical listing, the search tool in the upper right of the site, or by checking the different category lists that can be found in the menu on the right side of the Home page.


In the search results, click on the folder to see all of the files for that particular topic.


In some cases you can search for key words within a specific document by typing in terms in the search box in the upper right hand of the file after it has been opened and loaded.


The Vault can be reached through the FBI website under the Services Tab.

Global Women’s Leadership Project: Global Women Leaders Video Series.

This is the fourth in a four part series highlighting Penn Law’s Global Women’s Leadership Project Database.

The Global Women Leaders video series is a series that presents conversations with women who, as experts in law and policy, are dealing with the critical, cutting-edge issues of our time. These situations — armed conflict, forced migration, sustainable development, climate change, and the human rights of children and the disabled — are where the voices of women are most in jeopardy of being silenced.

The video series can be accessed from the database home page.



The page has a compilation of all of the videos currently in the series. you can choose one from the list or play them as a playlist on YouTube.


The database can be accessed here.